Sample Wines on Tap by the sip, gulp, glass or bottle

Unlike regular opened wine bottles, wines on tap keep the aromas and flavors of wines intact for up to 30 days. Sips Wine Bar features a one-of-a-kind 'automated wine dispensing system' that keeps over 40 wines on tap for tasting – available for purchase by the sip, or gulp, glass or bottle. Enjoy hors d’oeuvre pairings at the bar or to take home with your favorite vintage.

So Many Wines, So Little Time

Your taste buds are as unique as your fingerprint. Everyone has his or her own way of tasting – and there’s a seemingly infinite number of wines out there. On your average menu, when there’s 100 bottles of wine in the list – it can be overwhelming to decide what to order… or to know if you’ll end up liking the $14 glass of wine you chose. Mitigating Wine’s Intimidation Factor Novices can be wary of venturing outside of their well-worn favorites, especially when cost is a factor. Some choose based on the label or lowest cost because they feel overwhelmed by the selection process. Sips Wine Bar's unique wine dispensing system changes that by allowing you a sip before you commit to an entire bottle.
12pm-10pm Sunday - Thursday
12pm-12am Friday & Saturday
With a unique wine dispensing system you have the ability to taste dozens of wines you may not have otherwise had an opportunity to try – at Sips Wine Bar, you now have the ability to compare and contrast wines from all over the world – expanding your palate and wine knowledge while enjoying a relaxing night out.

Sips Wine Bar


It’s Okay to Wine: Our comfortable, relaxed environment is designed to cater to tourists and locals alike. Create your own adventure with our self-serve wine available for purchasing by the sip, gulp, glass or bottle. Enjoy a delicious light menu featuring popcorn, cheese and charcuterie plates, macaroons and truffles.
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